Who Are We?
Dartington Swimming Pool is a community run, non-profit swimming pool. Everyone running the pool is a volunteer and we always love to get new people on board!
Dartington Swimming Pool
Is a 20 x 10 metre non-profit, community-run unheated swimming pool, nestled in the grassy knoll and play area of Meadowbrook in the village of Dartington. 

The pool was dug out by locals and has been run by volunteers since 1976. It is adjacent to other community facilities such as a bar, pizzeria, play area, river, woodlands and sports grounds which makes it a fun destination for all the family.
What we are offering in the summer of 2020?
Socially Distanced Swimming

  • Two households/bubbles can hire the pool at one time - each household/bubble has use of half the pool for 1 hour. Your session will be supervised by a lifeguard.
  • You will be separated from the other household/bubble by a 1 metre lane, to ensure social distancing, and each household/bubble will have their own entry/exit ladder into the pool.
  • Lifeguards will undertake a deep-clean of all high-touch areas between sessions and will clean the toilet area every 30 minutes during sessions.
  • Bookings for socially distanced swimming for half the pool should be made on this website using the "Book Now" button below.
  • This will cost £26.05 per household. 

​​​​​​​Private hire of whole pool
  • One bubble can hire the whole pool outside of the Socially Distanced Swimming sessions. Your session will be supervised by a lifeguard.
  • Private hire of the whole pool is for at least 1 hour, at £50 per hour.
  • For more information about private hire of the whole pool, please TEXT 07908 013 531.
  • As this is a volunteer run pool, you will not get a reply straight away as we all work full time; Enquiries are checked and will be responded to after 5pm every day.
When are we open for Socially Distanced Swimming?
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 

11.00 - 12.00

12.15 - 13.15

13.30 - 14.30


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

14.00 - 15.00

15.15 - 16.15

16.30 - 17.30

How much does it cost?
£26.05 per Session/hour for socially distanced swimming (half the pool) - this is only bookable via the "Book Now" button below

£50 per hour for sole hire of the whole pool - this is onlyt bookable by TEXTING 07908013531 (as this is a commitee run pool, you may not get a reply straight away).

As we realise Covid 19 has limited many people's incomes, Dartington Recreation Association (DRA) have agreed to subsidise a (limited) number of socially distanced swimming sessions, for those households/bubbles who cannot afford the advertised prices. Please text Beth on 07908 013 531 with the word "SUBSIDY" and she will call you to discuss this and arrange available subsidised session times.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the DRA for working with us to make the pool accessible for all!

For more information, see our Facebook page or call one of our lead volunteers: 

Mobile 07908013531 - (we aim to respond to within 24 hours, at the current moment we cannot access our voicemails so please text if possible) 
Or email: dartingtonswimmingpool@gmail.com

We would like to thank Adam Edney our website designer for very generously volunteering
to create this website in his spare time. 

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